Fairfax County Band Directors Association

2019 Elementary Director of the Year

Art Pittman

"Art Pittman is a dedicated and inspirational teacher with Haycock students, staff and community. He is a well-respected leader in the school with his colleagues and takes responsibility to serve as a mentor teacher within the school, the McLean Pyramid and Region 2. His extensive experiences and skills enable him to perform his assignment in an exemplary manner. He is a strong communicator with students, parents, teammates, and other staff members. He is an advocate for all students, helping to ensure that students perform to the best of their ability."
- Augie Frattali

"Art’s personal qualities improve and enhance our school. He consistently demonstrates a “can do” attitude on a school-wide basis and his passion for music permeates throughout the building. He is a consummate learner and continues to seek professional development opportunities which will stretch his learning and have a positive impact on students. Mr. Pittman’s instructional delivery enhances student understanding and he takes the time to demonstrate the learning process with the parents and community."
- Scott Reeder

"Art Pittman is an asset to our school and community. Haycock is a better place because of Art."
- Heather Boyd

2019 Secondary Director of the Year

Pat Burke

"Pat Burke has been an invaluable member of the Hayfield Community for over 30 years. He is devoted to both middle school and high school students and has spent endless hours at Hayfield, probably enough hours for him to honestly say that Hayfield has been his home away from home. He has developed positive and strong relationships with our community and they continue to reach out to him as a confident, mentor, and friend. His students continue to admire him long after graduation and last year they surprised him at school concerts and all got together for a reunion to celebrate his achievements and the powerful impact he has had on their lives through music and mentorship. Pat Burke will always leave a lasting impression on Hayfield and will always be a Hawk; he will be greatly missed."
- Kathy Octakec

"He is the epitome of what every band director should strive to be like. He is passionate about his craft, loves his students, is a consummate professional in all aspects, and truly enjoys music and what he does everyday. Mr. Burke is humble and makes sure his students have all the best resources they need in which to be successful. He has been the host of All-District Band for countless number of years and is always organized and ready for all contingencies. Thank you, Mr. Burke, for your exquisite hard work over the many years."
- Scott Niehoff